Equilume Performance Lighting is a unique system that comprises fully automated, smart Stable Lights and mobile Light Masks designed to maximize health, growth, welfare and performance in horses.

This revolutionary system harnesses all the benefits of natural daylight for the stabled horse and permits continued exposure to optimum lighting when travelling or at pasture. Spring is brought forward and autumn delayed, extending the period of peak physical performance and training capacity.





Cleaner air Regulates body clock Utilises stored fat
Improves respiratory health Increases appetite Increases muscle mass
Accelerates wound healing Enhances alertness and mood Extends peak performance


At the heart of everything we do is to develop science based lighting solutions backed by research that allow animals to live and behave more naturally, so that they are healthier and perform better.


Application Guide

We will create a customized programme that brings forward spring and delays autumn, extending the period of peak performance and training capacity.